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Siah {Newborn Session}

Introducing Baby Siah, barley 7 days old and a perfect little model just enjoying snuggling wherever we put her. And her parents are completely smitten with this little beauty and I can totally see why! She is loved so much by her amazing parents and when the three of them were holding each other it was simply heart warming to see the joy in her parents eyes. I am so happy I got to photograph this beautiful family 🙂 I hope you enjoy the photos!

Baby Siah-01.jpgBaby Siah-04.jpgBaby Siah-05.jpgBaby Siah-02.jpgBaby Siah-03.jpgBaby Siah-06.jpgBaby Siah-07.jpgBaby Siah-08.jpgBaby Siah-09.jpgBaby Siah-10.jpg